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Register for the NHS Profile Manager (high street pharmacies)

The NHS Profile Manager combines the current NHS website profile editor and the Directory of Services (DoS) Profile Updater.

It updates both the NHS website and the DoS. You can now save time with 1 system, to meet your contractual obligations for updating profiles.

Secure access with NHSmail

High street pharmacies can register for the NHS Profile Manager, with their personal NHSmail address only. You cannot register with shared NHSmail addresses or other types of email.

Distance selling pharmacies do not need to use the NHS Profile Manager, as their NHS website profiles cannot be edited.

If you do not have a personal NHSmail address

You will need to ask your high street pharmacy’s shared mailbox owner to request a personal NHSmail address for you, from the National Administration Service. Ask a colleague, if you are not sure who the owner is.

The shared mailbox owner needs to email from the shared mailbox, with your:

  • full name
  • mobile phone number (this must start 07)
  • alternative email address

Once you have your personal NHSmail address, you can register for the NHS Profile Manager.